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A dragon boat dashes forward

    Dragon boats are slim, traditionally teakwood (often now fiberglass) racers with a hand-painted dragon's head at the prow and a flashy tail at the stern.
     Decorated in brilliant Chinese colors, each boat holds a crew of 18 sitting side by side, a steersperson at the rudder, a drummer whose beat sets the pace for the crew and a flag-catcher at the head of the boat. Dragon boat racing is unique for the speed of fast paddling.
    Dragon boat racing originated from China some 2 300 years ago as a traditional ceremonial sport; today, it is being raced worldwide to test sportspersons' physical strength, challenging spirit and group bond.

Get ready for the 2016 Regatta Season

Gino Cup

The Corporate and Chinese teams on Saturday and Premier and Junior teams will race on Sunday. Junior and 10 man Premier Racing will also take place on Satuday morning. The opening ceremony will be at 09:00 on Saturday and will include the dragon dance and the awakening of the dragons.

There will be a mini flea market, including a variety of food stalls - Chinese, Indian, Boerewors Rolls etc. Join us for two days of "FUN IN THE SUN". There will be no entry fee for spectators.

Looking forward to having your team, supporters, family and friends at the event.

For a fun-filled family day filled with Chinese customs and traditions the South African way, diarise the dates below.

Event calendar (provisional)

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30 April/1 May 2016

Gino Cup

Florida Lake

9 August 2016

Women's Day Race

Florida Lake

27 August 2016

Hospice Race

Vaal River, Vanderbijlpark

24 September 2016

Heritage Day Race

Florida Lake

8 October 2016

Corporate Games

Florida Lake

22 October 2016

Potch Mooi Rotary Festival


6 November 2016

Domefest Parys


7 December 2016

Wet and Wild/Christmas Race

Florida Lake